Manage the workspace users

Finally, invite other members to your workspace, and manage their permissions.

Invite New Users

To invite new users to your workspace:

  1. Navigate to the Settings section.

  2. Click on the Members tab.

  3. Click the "Invite Member" button, then write the email address of the user you wish to invite.

  4. Select the role that should be assigned to the invited user. See below the differences.

  5. One you are ready, click on "Send Invite". The invited user will receive an email with a link, which will redirect him to the sign-up workflow. Once done, the user will be successfully added to your workspace.

Manage user roles

Users can be granted two different roles:

  • Admin role: An admin has full access on the workspace and can do anything.

  • Member role: A member can create segments, entities, activations, destinations, but cannot access the workspace settings. He is not allowed to invite new users and manage existing users, nor is he allowed to create or edit a source.

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