Destination Platforms

A destination refers to any external tool or service to which you can send source data. This is where the data is usually accessed and utilized by the end users.

A destination is defined by different parameters:

  • A destination platform Examples of destination platforms include advertising platforms (such as Facebook Ads or Google Ads), customer relationship management software (such as Hubspot or Salesforce), or customer support tools (such as Zendesk). Other types of platforms, such as Facebook Catalog, are also supported on DinMo.

  • A destination service This refers to the business use case you wish to implement in the destination. DinMo often support different services within a given destination platform. For instance, users can use DinMo to update audiences on Google Ads, but also, send conversions, or adjust conversions values.

  • Default activation settings Default activation settings are optional and only available for some destination services. They simplify the activation configuration process by allowing you to set it up just once, eliminating the need for repetitive configuration.

After setting up a destination on DinMo, you can start sending data right away, no extra configuration will be needed.

For guidance on connecting your designated destination, consult the corresponding section Create a Destination

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