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Data Sources

A source refers to the data warehouse where all the data you want to get value from is stored. Snowflake, or Google BigQuery are among the most common DataWarehouses.
To add a source into your DinMo workspace, you simply need to connect your DataWarehouse to the platform, ensuring that DinMo has the necessary permissions to read the data and execute jobs.
DinMo uses the source to store some info into specific schemas/datasets:
  • DINMOSEGMENTS: views of the query of the segments and entities created within DinMo
  • _DINMOSTATS: tables that contain statistics about your segments
  • DINMO_DELTA_STORAGE: snapshots of a historical run of segments queries that enable DinMo to calculate the changes that occur on a segment and update, therefore, the activation target.
You can add as many sources as you want on your workspace.
DinMo will never store data located on your source. Furthermore, every computation will be processed on your DataWarehouse only.
You will find below the step-by-step instructions to connect a source to DinMo, specific to each DataWarehouse provider:
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