All My SMS

Sending data to All My SMS: Step-by-Step Guide

Supported destination services

Learn more about all of our Destination service types on our Core Concepts page.

Destination Setup

Please do the following steps to add All My SMS as a destination in DinMo:

  1. Go to the Destinations section in the navigation bar.

  2. Click "Add a new destination".

  3. Select "All My SMS".

  4. Enter the name of the destination, then your login and API key to connect to All My SMS.

    To find your login, go to All My SMS platform, hit "My Profile" under "My Account" tab. You will then see your login on the top of the page:

    To generate an API key, hit API KEY & Parameters under the API & Modules tab. Then, click on "Generate a new API key", and copy and paste its value on DinMo/

  5. Click Continue, then Connect.

Syncing Audiences

DinMo supports audiences sync to All My SMS. DinMo will create Lists for all your DinMo activations, by inserting and removing phone numbers to keep your lists up to date.

Sync Setup

Here are the necessary steps involved in the creation of a new sync to Google Ads:

  1. Navigate to the Activations tab, and click "New Activation" in the upper-right corner of the screen.

  2. Select "User Segment", then click "Continue".

  3. Choose your All My SMS platform in the dropdown, and click “Continue.”

  4. Indicate which property corresponds to the phone number.

  5. Under the Scheduling options, choose the time interval at which you want your segment to be synced to All My SMS. A daily sync is sufficient for most use cases.

  6. Click “Continue,” then “Create”.

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