🌐Workspaces & Organizations

DinMo users are grouped into workspaces and organizations. We explore the meanings of each notion in this page.


A workspace is an instance of the platform that is typically granted access to a team or a business unit inside a company. Each workspace possesses its own data sources, destinations, segments, activations, etc.

A workspace belongs to a parent organization (see below).

Creating a new workspace

Important: To create a new workspace inside an organization, the user must be granted the "Organization Admin" role.

  1. The user can then create a new workspace by clicking on "Manage Workspaces" in the navigation bar.

  1. In the dropdown, select the parent organization of the workspace you are about to create.

  2. Then, click "New Workspace".

  3. As a final step, give a name to your workspace.

You might then want to refer to the Get started with DinMo guide to learn how to start your DinMo journey from this new workspace.

Managing workspace members

Users can be granted two different roles in a workspace:

  • Admin role: An admin has full access on the workspace and can do anything.

  • Member role: A member can create segments, entities, activations, destinations, but cannot access the workspace settings. He is not allowed to invite new users and manage existing users, nor is he allowed to create or edit a source.

Member management is located in the settings of a workspace, in the Member section:


An organization is a higher-level entity that represents a company, group, or institution using DinMo. It enables companies to centralize billing for all their workspaces in just on end point, but also to manage administrative and security policies that should be applied everywhere.

A user can be a member of several workspaces belonging to different organizations. A user can be assigned the Organization Admin role in the "Manage Workspaces" tab.

This role enables a user to:

  • Create workspaces in this organization

  • Manage users of this organization

  • Set up security policies for all workspaces belonging to the organization

Creating a new organization

An organization is automatically created during the first sign-up of a user, as long as the following rules are respected:

  • The signed-up email address domain is not already assigned to another organization

  • The signed-up email address is a professional email address

It is not allowed to create a new organization outside of the sign-up workflow in the app. If you intend to do so, please contact our support team.

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