Sending data to Zendesk: Step-by-Step Guide

Supported Destination Services

DinMo supports the following destination services:

Please refer to the dedicated documentation page for more information.

Authentication to Zendesk

Regardless of the selected destination service, DinMo will always connect to Zendesk using an API key. You can generate an API key in Zendesk in the Admin Center:

Click 'Zendesk API' in the navigation bar, under the 'Apps and integrations' section:

Finally, create an API token by clicking "Add API token":

Copy the token value and paste it in DinMo when creating your Zendesk destination, in the "API key" field.

The subdomain can be found in your Zendesk URL. If your home URL is https://mycompany.zendesk.com/agent/dashboard, then the subdomain is mycompany.

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